Meir Panim Update
Student at Hebrew U Gets Innovative With 3D Printed Masks
April 20, 2020

To ensure proper protection, Meir Panim has been trying to secure masks for their staff and volunteers to use in our facilities. But supplies are scarce and the search for new masks came up empty. The shortage had only intensified after Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s new regulations that instructed everyone to wear a mask while outside of their homes, which prompted citizens across the country to scramble to find the last ones available.

Yuval, a student at the Hebrew University, decided to take matters into her own hands. She created a template for 3D printed masks and printed them out on a 3D printer she has access to on-campus. Yuval came by to our Jerusalem Branch and dropped off a box filled with 3D printed masks. Thanks to her efforts, Meir Panim can now deliver food to those in need without fear and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels can feel comfortable receiving deliveries. Even more effectively, these masks can be disinfected and reused, so they don’t need to worry about running out!

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