Meir Panim Update
Starting the school year off right
January 1, 1970

Over 130 school bags, filled with binders, notebooks, pencil cases, pencils, pens, markers and much more, were given to needy families, among them many single-parent families in Or Akiva.

“If not for Meir Panim and all it has given me, I wouldn’t have been able to send my child to school equipped with what he needs,” said one mother.

“We are returning to school dancing and smiling,” said Ilanit Hafuta, branch manager of Meir Panim in Or Akiva. “Each child received what he needed in a discreet way, without embarrassment.”

Very often, a child coming to school without the required supplies becomes an object of ridicule. Meir Panim’s goal is for every child to have the tools needed for success, and the self-respect as well.

“This year proved to be quite a challenge,” continued Hafuta, “because of the new school year coinciding so closely with the holidays, for which we also need to prepare.”

Hafuta testifies to the increasing need she witnesses every day. “Just this month, the government slashed child and disability benefits. What a gift for the holidays,” she adds sadly. This is a significant cut, as prices just keep rising. We give as much as we can, but it is very difficult.”

Sadness gives way to joy when Hafuta sees the smiles of children walking proudly with new school bags on their backs.

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