This Purim, 1+ million Israeli children will be waiting for their next meal instead of celebrating.

Purim is the Jewish holiday of miracles, salvation, and joy. But for a child living in poverty, Purim goes from a day of happiness to a day of heartache and sadness.

While everyone is buying costumes and candy, Israel’s impoverished will go to bed hungry.

Every night, more than 630,000 Israeli families—that’s 2.5 million mothers, fathers, and children—go to bed hungry.

For many of these families, what should be a time of happiness and festivities becomes a time of pain and embarrassment. Instead of celebrating with friends and family, they’re worried about how to put food on the table.

Imagine the pain of a child whose family can’t afford to celebrate Purim

Imagine the embarrassment of watching all their friends celebrate with gift baskets and costumes and not being able to participate. Imagine the sadness of having nothing to eat at home for the Purim meal.

Out of Work, Out of Hope

Daniel’s mother can not afford to give him the Purim meal he was so excited about. The Purim holiday that Daniel has been eagerly awaiting for months is out of reach. You can help feed Daniel’s family with Matanot L’evyonim (the custom of the day to provide financial assistance).

Empty Stomachs this Purim

Israelis eldery and sick have gotten used to having little food in their home. You can bring joy to Roni’s family with Mishloach Manot (the custom of the day to provide food baskets).

No Ballerina for Rachel

Rachel’s mother is battling cancer, and due to her intensive medical treatments, she has been unable to purchase a costume for Rachel this Purim. You can give hope to Rachel’s family with Matanot L’evyonim (the custom of the day to provide financial assistance).

“Days of feasting and gladness, and sending portions of food to one another, and gifts to the poor”

(Esther 9:22)

Help Israel’s needy children celebrate Purim just like anyone else.

This Purim, you can give more than candy–you can give poor children in Israel the Purim they deserve–a day of happiness, joy, and dignity. When you donate to Meir Panim, you provide Mishloach Manot (food packages) and Matanot L’evyonim (financial assistance) to the hundreds of thousands of Israeli families living below the poverty line.