Meir Panim Update
Post Holiday Updates from Meir Panim
April 21, 2020

Meir Panim  has been very busy these past few weeks. Here is a quick update from our branches.


Nissim, our Dimona branch manager, delivered boxes of treats to a nearby army base. Because of COVID-19, the soldiers had not been home in over a month, and had to celebrate Passover alone. Meir Panim is honored to have been able to lift their spirits during these trying times.


As a post-Passover treat, our Jerusalem Branch prepared homemade pasta to be included in the daily meal distributions. Our incredible volunteers have been working around the clock to make sure our clients are receiving the best service in a dignified manner. 


Or Akiva is home to a large Morrocan community that celebrates the Mimouna festival which is celebrated the day after Passover. Traditionally, community members cook chametz and visit each other’s homes with music and celebrations. However, this year Meir Panim had to get creative to ensure our clients can celebrate this exciting festival. With the help of the Municipality in Or Akiva, we arranged a special Mimouna van to help spread joy throughout the neighborhood. They also made a quick stop at our branch, where Ilanit, her staff and volunteers were able to take a break for a few moments to dance and enjoy the fun.

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