Meir Panim Update
Passover Seder for Autistic Children
January 1, 1970

This unique, integrative school enables autistic and “regular” children to share the same learning environment. About 200 students, including low-functioning autistic and speech impaired children, enjoyed a “taste” of the approaching Passover seder.

Meir Panim in Jerusalem, together with the branch manager Mr. Elchanan Yonas, rose to the challenge of organizing a model Seder for the children. The Seder included all of the symbolic Passover foods: Matzoth, grape juice, charoseth, maror (lettuce), beets, potatoes and chicken leg. Meir Panim donated all the food products.

The school principal, Mrs. Anna Goren expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the contribution and the festive Seder, an event which she said: “added a celebratory dimension to the ongoing efforts of the school. It was a good opportunity to seat regular children next to those with special needs and children of means next to those from families with financial difficulties.”

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