Meir Panim Update
Meir Panim Lights Up Faces For Purim
January 1, 1970

At all of the after-school youth club branches, children received brand new costumes and a special Purim party was held filled with sweet treats, surprises and lots of laughter. According to one of the volunteers in the Kiryat Gat club, the children really look forward to Purim. “It is one of their favorite holidays and they can’t wait to celebrate,” she said. “The smile on their faces was priceless. They cannot wait to try on the costumes!”

This year, volunteers from Intel threw a special party for the children in the Kiryat Gat after-school branch. They donated arts and crafts materials for the children to make beautiful Mishloach Manot to bring home and give to their families. Additionally, each child received a personalized Mishloach Manot filled with delicious treats.

In all 14 Free Restaurant branches, walls and tables were colorfully decorated and an entertainer was hired to make Purim day even more fun. At each location, a festive meal took place so Meir Panim patrons would have a place to attend and eat for the holiday.

At the Or Akiva branch, volunteers distributed 500 Mishloach Manot baskets to the IDF Golani Base, 100 baskets to patients at Hille Yaffe Hospital in Hadera as well as to local needy residents in the neighborhood.

In Dimona, Meir Panim volunteers also distributed 500 Mishloach Manot baskets to soldiers, diners and children.

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