Meir Panim Update
Meet Ilanit, Or Akiva Branch Manager
January 13, 2022

Over thirteen years ago, Ilanit Hafuta started Meir Panim’s Or Akiva branch after seeing first-hand how many people in the surrounding area needed help. 

Along with dedicated volunteers, Ilanit prepares over 800 meals at the branch each day, the majority of which are delivered locally. Ilanit’s hard work and dedication help countless people break the cycle of poverty.

Breaking the cycle of poverty with love and kindness

Whether Ilanit is preparing meals in the kitchen, delivering meals to the homebound, organizing a birthday party for local children, or making sure local recipients are doing well,  everyone knows they will be loved and cared for in Ilanit’s presence. 

To Ilanit, the best way to help someone break the cycle of poverty is through love and care. That’s why Ilanit goes above and beyond to visit the homes of many of our Or Akiva recipients at least once a month. She’ll check in on them, make sure they have enough food, are on the road to improvement, and most importantly, feel cared for.  

Ilanit’s personal touch and care for the local community has given her the title of Savta (Hebrew for Grandma) of Or Akiva.

“I give food, and I give love. They both go together.  When children come to Meir Panim for a meal, they won’t be satisfied if I only give them food. But if I give them love, care, and food? That is amazing! ” – Ilanit

Ilanit is truly amazing, and Meir Panim is so grateful to her and all the branch managers who serve over 10,000 meals each week! 


Ilanit’s impact


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