Meir Panim Update
Lewis Malka Runs NY and London Marathons to Raise Over £12,000 ($18,500) for Meir Panim
January 1, 1970

He finished the grueling 26.2 miles in 5hrs 6mins 28s and has so far raised £4,275 for this marathon (an impressive 119% of his original target). Combined with the £7,850 he raised running the ING New York City Marathon in November, his efforts have raised over £12,000 for Meir Panim.

The funds will go towards funding electronic food cards, worth 250 shekels a month, that Israelis in need can use at supermarkets across Israel. As Lewis explains, “The money raised is enough to feed more than 337 Holocaust survivors for a month. The food cards look like credit or Oyster cards and are a great idea, because instead of queuing up for food charity parcels, they allow people to preserve their self-respect and choose their groceries themselves.”

Following his doctor’s advice, this was Lewis’ final marathon, so he’d like to remind you this is your last ever chance to sponsor him! Lewis’ Just Giving page is still open and you can donate at:

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