The People of Israel are
Traumatized and Desperate for Your Help

Meir Panim is rushing to help the millions of Israelis living a horrifying nightmare who urgently need aid, support, food, and hope.

Our help in numbers:


Branches all
over Israel

  • Jerusalem
  • Tzfat
  • Tiberias
  • Or Akiva
  • Dimona
  • Sderot


soldiers are fed daily


essential care packages for soldiers




meals made since the war began


mattresses for soldiers


evacuated families from the South being supported

How Meir Panim Is Changing Thousands of Lives

Helping Families Living in Bomb Shelters

With only thirty seconds to reach safety, Meir Panim sees that those in the Southern cities that were not evacuated have their needs met as many live out of public bomb shelters. Meir Panim is bringing daily warm meals, mattresses, and other essentials to these families under constant rocket fire.

Inspiring and Supporting Our Soldiers

We are finding joy and hope through this darkness as we plan uplifting events for soldiers. Meir Panim has organized endless BBQs, lavish brunches, spa days, fun activities, and even a wedding! We have delivered over 100,000 essential care packages of snacks, toiletries, sleeping bags, sweaters, and more to soldiers; in addition to supplying hundreds with protective gear.

Providing for Evacuated Families from the South

Over 100,000 families were forced to leave their homes near the Gaza border, many of them had their homes burned down by terrorists and have lost everything they owned. Meir Panim has been providing 2,000 of them everything they need, A to Z, apartments, furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, household goods, and of course daily hot meals.

Israel’s Frontline Soldiers need your help!

In the heat of battle, every second and every tool counts. Meir Panim is ensuring our soldiers are equipped with essential tools that can mean the difference between life and death.

Combat Essentials:

Advanced hearing protection, tactical eye gear, and specialized gloves.

Compact Nutrition:

Easy-to-carry food designed for vest pockets and energy-packed protein bars, which might be a soldier’s only nourishment for an entire day.

Tactical Tools:

Leatherman knives for multi-purpose tasks, crucially, gun maintenance.

First Aid:

Compact bandages, leukoplast, blister plasters, and lifesaving CAT tourniquets.


Camelbacks, water jugs, and hydration packets to combat dehydration risks.

Field Markings:

Permanent black markers and liquid whiteout for imperative in-field notations.

Illumination and Gear:

Flashlights, tactical ropes, and black tape ensure all equipment is secure and accessible.

Stories From The Front Lines

Amid chaos and tragedy, the strength and resilience of individuals give us hope. These are their stories:


Branch Manager for Meir Panim in Dimona

Nissim displays daily courage, working 16-hour days at Meir Panim, even as three of his sons serve bravely on the frontlines of Gaza. One of his sons was a first responder on October 7th, fighting terrorists who invaded a Gaza adjacent town, their family truly has experienced the horrors of this war. Yet, Nissim remains dedicated to continue helping thousands of others.


Branch Manager for Meir Panim in Tiberias

As Yehudit confronts the daily reality of her son and son-in-laws fighting in the Gaza Strip, she remains focused on Meir Panim. She cooks, organizes, and packs with endless energy, even on October 8th when members of her family were still trapped in a Hamas-invaded town. Despite it all, she meets the needs of the thousands of soldiers, needy, and evacuees living in Tiberias.


Branch Manager for Meir Panim in Tzfat

Balancing reserve duty and his work for Meir Panim, Aviv often arrives straight from night shifts still in his IDF uniform to keep the branch running. When he’s on duty, his wife heroically steps in, ensuring uninterrupted support for those in need. This remarkable couple’s dedication to helping the people of Israel in their time of need is a huge inspiration to all of us.

These stories are just three out of hundreds of our staff and volunteers, everyone is deeply touched personally by this war, and their dedication to Meir Panim inspires us.

Israel’s Streets Weep

Israel’s people are living a horrifying nightmare, over 200,000 are displaced, thousands of homes burned to the ground, and millions are struggling to comprehend. We need your help to give them aid, support, food, and hope.


Soldiers And Israeli Dead




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