Meir Panim Update
Updates in Jerusalem
November 3, 2019

WayMore learns more about Israel!

The week between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, Meir Panim had a lovely group of gap year students, while on a Masa program come and volunteer in Jerusalem. These students from the United States and South Africa came to our branch to not only serve our clients lunch, but also help brighten up our space. Meeting with Meir Panim staff, each had an opportunity to sit down and meet Israeli citizens in need, while brightening their day.

Following the renovations at our branch last year, the furniture was still in need of an update to match the new look and provide comfort to all. We are pleased that we were been able to purchase second hand chairs from an event hall at a greatly reduced price. The students took to water, soap and scrubbed the chairs with passion, knowing it would make a difference. They scrubbed so much to give them a new life, that they exceeded our expectations.

All around Israel and the world we see ways in which supporters come together for Meir Panim.

We thank them immensely for their assistance and finding such a beautiful way to help us continue our mission.

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