From the Holocaust to Hamas

How Zionism Fueled Jewish Survival

This webinar offers an introspective look at Zionism, the love for Israel that has considerably impacted history throughout the past century.

See how a strong flame of passion has influenced historical events like the Holocaust, led to the creation of a Jewish state, and continues to fuel Israel’s fight for survival today.

Be inspired by the heroic stories of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, and how its members were fueled by the Zionist movement.

Discover how the British Mandate, established by the League of Nations after WWI, had the potential to change the course of history for European Jewry during WWII.

Gain insights into how post-Holocaust unjust British policies and Arab violence motivated Jews to work even harder to establish the Jewish state. 

Explore history with us, and witness the indestructible spirit that paved the path for the foundation of the state of Israel.
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