Meir Panim Update
Free Shuk Day: Providing Fresh Food and Proper Dignity to the Meir Panim Community
October 27, 2021
At our northern branch in Or Akiva, all the way to our southern branch in Dimona, Meir Panim is proud to offer a weekly ‘Free Shuk Day.’

Every Tuesday, Meir Panim works with vendors from around the country to provide fresh fruits and vegetables in an open market for our patrons to shop from at no cost.

At the shuk (Hebrew for marketplace), our recipients can easily pick up the appropriate items and amounts needed for their families just like they would from any other market.

Food is not the only thing provided at the ‘Free Shuk’; we firmly believe that instilling a semblance of normalcy within poverty-stricken families is just as important.

Therefore, we work hard to ensure that our clientele can enjoy the same goodies in the same atmosphere that anyone else could.

For example, our Dimona branch manager, Nissim was able to secure a large donation of watermelon for distribution, so our shoppers could also experience a seasonal treat.

Meir Panim is steadfast in its commitment to preserving the dignity and respect of impoverished Israelis. Unfortunately, some poverty-stricken families feel afraid or embarrassed to come to eat at their local soup kitchens. Our alternative allows local recipients to quickly and discreetly pick up fruits and vegetables to bring home and cook in the comfort and stability of their kitchen.

Through innovative methods like ‘Free Shuk Day,’ we can confidently ensure that all members of the Meir Panim community receive the nourishment they need without compromising their dignity and respect.

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