Meir Panim Update
Free Shuk Day In Or Akiva
January 29, 2020

Friday, January 21, 2020 was “Free Shuk Day” at Meir Panim’s Or Akiva branch. Without a doubt, this is the highlight of the week! This weekly program is attended by local youth who volunteer to put together food packages for impoverished families in the community. Even though it was raining, the 6th-grade volunteers from Akiva Elementary School happily participated in the program.


Our amazing staff members form meaningful relationships with anyone who walks through the doors of Meir Panim. These relationships and friendships enable staff members to recognize and address the specific needs of individuals and families to serve them best.

For example, Ilanit, the Dimona Branch manager, gifted new socks and sneakers to one of our elderly clients. This client’s shoes were worn out and weren’t providing any support or protection from the winter rains.





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