Meir Panim Update
In one day, Meir Panim went from feeding hundreds – to feeding thousands
August 25, 2020

Meir Panim does not flinch – continues to support and provide food

Meir Panim has felt this sudden increase in demand for meals. What was once a few hundred meals, has become thousands of meals daily to families with all kinds of financial backgrounds. In this new reality, Meir Panim has had to adjust on the fly in their operations. And thankfully there has been a silver lining. 

While COVID-19 has left many jobless, some have been able to use the extra time to volunteer. Meir Panim has received help from cooks and chefs, whose restaurants have been closed, to cook food for those in need. In addition, there have been other volunteers who are working from home or on leave, offering an extra pair of hands to help package and deliver food. 

Watch in the video above and see the incredible work Meir Panim continues to do in the face of the pandemic!

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