Meir Panim Update
Dreams come true
January 1, 1970

it was obvious that Meir Panim would do what it could to make it happen. After all, Joey became very attached to the organization during the time he extended himself for Meir Panim with heart and soul, working 24/7 to see his wonderful project through.

Continuing the cycle of chessed is Meir Panim’s vision and an opportunity not to be missed. Phone calls were made and soon everyone was volunteering. In true Meir Panim fashion, partnerships were formed with anyone willing and able to participate in this great mitzvah. The Meir Panim Jerusalem kitchen staff and volunteers led by Elchanan Jonas created a feast fit for kings, the Chabad Jerusalem branch generously allowed Meir Panim to use its dining hall, the Jewish Community of Hebron lent its cherished chupa (wedding canopy), Bill Bozin, a musician and instructor, created an unforgettable musical evening of simcha(joy), AMIT , a network of schools in Israel, lent its sound system, Aish Hatorah, a Jewish learning center, willingly supplied chairs, the Moriah bookstore provided much needed electric equipment, Esther Miller Designs generously donated fresh flowers and centerpieces for the tables and a Har Nof gemach lent beautiful linen tablecloths to help create a magnificent wedding reception. Family and friends rolled up the sleeves of their wedding finery to assist in the preparations and the couple’s rabbi, Rabbi Galamidi of Shaare Ezra in Miami Beach, performed the moving ceremony facing the ancient Western Wall.

On June 13, 2007, 27 Sivan 5767, Joey Cohen and Rachel Lerner got married k’dat Moshe v’Yisrael (in Jewish tradition) in Jerusalem.
It was the fulfillment of Joey and Rachel Cohen’s dream.

On June 13, 2007, 27 Sivan 5767, individuals and organizations joined together to perform a mitzvah.
It was the fulfillment of another wonderful page in Meir Panim’s history.

May the cycle of chessed continue to flow in the lives of Joey and Rachel and all the Jewish people. Mazal Tov!

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