Meir Panim Update
Chanukah at Meir Panim: Spreading Light in the Darkness
December 21, 2023

Chanukah this year was a very different holiday than years past, however, more important than ever for Meir Panim to spread light and joy.

In addition to the thousands of additional meals our staff are preparing for front-line troops and displaced families, Meir Panim set a goal to bring extra happiness and joy to each of our patrons and community members.

With schools on break for the holiday, we hosted hundreds of young volunteers and families who were also committed to bringing joy through giving this year, and our patrons were so happy to see smiling faces greeting them and delivering meals. One group of gap-year young adults prepared meals for over 100 families of hostages, to make sure that they know we as a greater community are thinking of them and their loved ones.

Several of our branches hosted Chanukah parties on site, especially meaningful for our Holocaust survivors who are extra isolated as winter approaches.

At Meir Panim, we are committed to supporting those in their hour of need, and this holiday, it meant going above and beyond to help them feel a sense of relief during this difficult time.

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