challah for shabbat

Fresh challah is distributed every week so that those in need can enjoy a festive Shabbat meal too.

About this program:

challah for shabbat

Every family is entitled to celebrate Shabbat, a day of peace, joy and delicious foods. But what if there is no food to put on the table? What will make Shabbat special if the day is filled with hunger and want?

To this end, Meir Panim has launched the “Challah for Shabbat Project” which distributes 3,000 delicious, fragrant Challah loaves each week so that those in need can celebrate Shabbat.


It’s not always easy preparing for Shabbat due to my condition, but it has always been important to me to have a traditional Friday night meal. Thanks to Meir Panim sending Challah every Friday, I am always able to enjoy Shabbat every week”. 

Single mom of 2 in Or Akiva


As a mother of children with special needs, preparations for Shabbat can be overwhelming. Making Challah is time-consuming, and purchasing is not an option for me, unfortunately.  The Challah for Shabbat has been a godsend!”.

Mom of 3 in Jerusalem

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