Meir Panim Update
American Friends of Meir Panim in New York Launches Young Leadership!
January 1, 1970

On Tuesday, September 13th, American Friends of Meir Panim (AFMP) had a “Meet and Greet” cocktail party for its Young Leadership host committee. The event took place on the Upper West Side at the home of Frances and Allen Ganz and approximately 25 young professionals and leaders in their 20’s and 30’s from the Jewish Manhattan community attended. Organized by AFMP Project Director Renatt Brodsky and Board Member David Birnbaum, the goal of the evening was to raise awareness about Meir Panim, introduce the members of the host committee to each other and get everyone excited about the upcoming Meir Panim Young Leadership “Kick-Off” Soiree on Thursday, October 21 at La Pomme (37 W. 26th Street).

Overall, the “Meet and Greet” cocktail party was a huge success and the buzz about Meir Panim Young Leadership is generating! The members of the host committee are looking forward to attending our Kick-Off event, bringing their friends and adopting a Meir Panim project!

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